Xbox One The Ultimate Fighter Format

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Xbox One The Ultimate Fighter Format

Post by MoTTsyy sG on Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:27 am

As many people know, The Ultimate Fighter is a big part of the real UFC as that is the main way people are offered contracts into the UFC. We would like to install the same format in our league. The Xbox One Ultimate Fighter will be a two week event that is held 1 or two times a month (depending on signups). The format is below.

Event 1 - Elimination Fights
These will be the fights similar to the first fights in The Ultimate Fighter. For example, if we have around 20 signups, the 20 selected fighters will participate in one elimination fight. If they win, they move onto team selection. If they do not win, they are eliminated and must sign up for the next Ultimate Fighter. Out of the 20 initial fighters, 10 would "move into the house" to compete in The Ultimate Fighter Competition.

Event 2 - Team Selection
The two coaches selected to field a team will be two X1UFC fighters that apply to be a coach. Coach selection will happen the week prior to the next Ultimate Fighter. Following the elimination fights, the two coaches will participate in a draft and will draft their team. 5 guys per team if we follow the example from above.

Event 3 - Preliminary Fights
The scheduler will schedule 2 fights for each fighter against opponents on the other team. Over the next 5 days, there will be 2 fights a night. This will lead to a total of 10 fights. Stats will be kept on all of the fights and will be displayed to the coaches following the 10 fights.

Event 4 - Fighter Elimination
Following the 10 fights, the coaches will be presented with the statistics of all of the fighters following their 3 fights in The Ultimate Fighter. The coaches will then have to eliminate one fighter each from their team. These fighters will have the ability to sign up for the next Ultimate Fighter series.

Event 5 - Final Tournament
The remaining 8 fighters will participate in a single elimination tournament. The first two rounds will be played during the week. Then, the final fight will held on the main card of a main event or a Friday Night Fight card.

Event 6 - Contract Offers
The winner of The Ultimate Fighter will be offered an entry level contract at $100,000 per fight for three fights. Following that contract, they will move back into the normal contracts. Up to 5 total fighters can be offered contracts into the X1UFC. This will be decided on by the contract manager for the weight class. Fighters who are not offered a contract will be able to sign up for the Ultimate Fighter again.

The Ultimate Fighter Specific Rules
The only rule change for The Ultimate Fighter pertains to the overall of the fighters. The fighter may not exceed 75 overall while participating in The Ultimate Fighter. Players may go over 75 in individual categories but the accumulative may not exceed 75 overall.

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