Xbox One Ultimate Fighting Championships Format

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Xbox One Ultimate Fighting Championships Format

Post by MoTTsyy sG on Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:50 am

Here at the X1UFC, we will be trying to mimic the real world UFC over the simulation video game of UFC 2. To do this, we are creating an online simulation of the real UFC. We will be featuring different events such as main events, Friday Night Fights, and The Ultimate Fighter. Listed below is an explanation of how the X1UFC will work.

X1UFC Format
Like the real UFC, the X1UFC will have one champion in each hosted weight class and then the other fighters will be ranked beneath them in order of most competitive for the top contender spot. The top contender will face the champion for their belt. The other fighters will be fighting their way through the ranks trying to get a title shot. The player getting the title shot won't always be the number one contender. Whoever the scheduler deems fit enough for the next title shot will get it.

There will two kind of events for fighters that are a part of the X1UFC. The first event style will be the main events. These main events will consist of 2-5 undercard fights and 5 main card events with the last main card event being the main event of the evening. The main event of the evening will always feature either a highly anticipated fight or a championship fight. The main events will be held on Saturday nights. The second style of events are going to be the Friday Night Fights. These will be smaller events featuring anything from 3-5 fights on Friday nights. The fights will usually consist lower ranked guys with the main event being an anticipated rivalry fight or a fight for a high contender position.

A week prior to events, a thread will be posted asking for fighter availability either on that Friday, Saturday or both days. If a lot of fighters fill out availability for those nights, the scheduler will have many fighters to choose from and will be able to fill out a card completely. This is why it is important for fighters to submit fighting availability. If a fighter is constantly not filling in availability, they will be warned. If it continues, the fighter's contract could be terminated.

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