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Reporting Stats

Post by MoTTsyy sG on Wed Apr 06, 2016 1:19 pm

Reporting stats for the X1UFC is very easy. All that you need to do is take screenshots of the "Fight Statistics" page. You need one screenshot of the total stats, and one screen shot of every round's stats. You then can access these at screenshots at so that you can save them. To save them, click on the screenshot that you want to save to your computer, then right click on an image when it becomes enlarged and click "Save image as...". once you save the image, log in to the X1UFC forum page and go to your personal messages. Then, send a PM to MoTTsyy sG with the subject as the fight (Example: Morris vs. Bones). Then click the "Host an Image Button" and upload the pictures to the PM. Make sure to make the image width 1280 and the image height 720 otherwise the picture will be too big to view. Then send the PM and management will take care of the rest! Also if you have a recorded video of the fight, please send the link in the same PM and it will be uploaded to the score aswell! Below is an example of the screenshots that you need to have posted.

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